I am Joel M Turner

Not to be confused with Joel Turner, the rather talented, Australian beat-boxer.

I spent many of my summers living on glaciers in Alaska. Living in a remote camp with a bunch of other interesting people was great. You never know where the conversations will go and what kind of friends you’ll make.

I received my BA with a graphic design emphasis in December of 2005. Most of my free time in college was spent playing in the Symphony Orchestra and playing basketball.

I was born in Laramie, Wyoming. I now live with my wife, Suzanne Turner and our two dogs in Portland, Oregon.

Daily Practice

I have been doing a meditation practice every day for over a year now which has helped me learn more about myself and how I interact with the rest of the world. This has allowed me to start listening more fully to others and have genuine experiences with those around me. I love that it is an ongoing practice.

Part of my daily practice is running, which has helped me release some excess energy and work through struggles in an active way.

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