Here are some of the equipment, services, and software that use most frequently in my web development. Disclosure - Some of the links may be affiliate links. Inspired by Wes Bos’ project.


15” Macbook Pro (2017) - The main machine I use.

27” iMac (mid 2010) - Secondary/backup machine.

Sony WH-1000XM3 - Great quality, noise cancelling headphones.

Apple Airpods - Useful for meetings.

Project/Task Management

Todoist - My goto todo app.

ClickUp - Used a bit at work.

Editor and Terminal

VS Code - My current preferred code editor.

Warp - Been using this for a bit and it’s incredible, highly recommend!

iTerm2 - One of my favorite terminal alternative

  • ZSH and Oh My ZSH - Helpful goodies that can be used with iTerm2.
  • Theme - Night Owl - Adaptation of Sarah Drasner’s theme.


Chrome - Currently, my main browser.

Firefox - My second-most used browser.

  • Extensions
    • 1Password - extension for the best password manager

Desktop Apps

Raycast - Productivity app. One of my most used apps and the first one I install on a new computer. Super fast and written in Rust.

Espanso - Text expander. The second app I install on a new computer. Saves me so much time.

1Password - The best password manager.

GitKraken Pro - My favorite GUI for git. Good features, great design, fun changelogs.


Netlify - My favorite way to host JamStack projects.

Vercel - Have a few projects here.

Learning/Reading - Great tech community and articles.

PocketCast - My favorite podcast player.