Joel M. Turner

Frontend Developer

My background is in graphic design and web development. I'm currently working as a Front-End Developer at Sprinklr. I spend some of my free time exploring hand lettering and sketching as well as hiking in the Portland area with my wife and son.


My Favorite Explorations

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Some of My Thoughts and Explorations

  • I recently had a need for a timer/revert icon that can animate forward and backward. Features Pure CSS I wanted it to be a purely CSS and HTML versus an animated SVG or GIF so it can be manipulated more easily in the browser. Adjustable Size The size of the icon is relative to the …

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  • After my year of lettering I continued going with my hand lettering and sketches on a daily basis. Much of my practice was inspired by other hand lettering and sketch artists that I found through Instagram. Looking back on 2016 I can see that I enjoy geometric shapes and ancient ideas/concepts. Here is a collection of …

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  • For the past month and a half, I have played with hand lettering to help me practice more hands-on design. I have chosen to spend about half an hour each day on each (longer on weekends) and not to edit them digitally. Each day, I post a new lettering sketch on Instagram and log the …

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  • After seeing Scott Bradlee and Post Modern Jukebox live in Portland on their Eviction Tour, I was inspired to create some promo images. Post Modern Jukebox Artwork This first graphic is based on the design of the Post Modern Jukebox website. Scott Bradlee Art This one is for the Scott Bradlee who put the group together, …

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  • As I’m learning to use Sass I decided to jot down some of the basics for reference. Most of this is coming from Hampton Catlin‘s Sass Basics course on Treehouse (referral). Nesting Selectors The selectors can be nested for ease of writing and reading. This can help organize code in a way that like selectors …

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  • You know that feeling of being run down by the overwhelming weight of the decisions that you have to make on a regular basis? I definitely have, and I’ve been practicing a solution that is working for me. Decisions Use Energy All decisions take up energy as we try process them. I’m starting to see …

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