Joel Turner

Howdy! I'm Joel 👋🏻

Hi there! I'm a web developer & digital adventurer with a background in graphic design and web development. By day, I'm a Senior Product Engineer at Sprinklr, but in my free time I love to let my artistic side shine by practicing hand lettering and sketching. When I'm not busy creating, you can find me exploring the great outdoors in Portland with my awesome family (including our furry canine companions)!

Projects I'm Working On

Pulls posts from Instagram and sends them to Cloudinary with tags

Instagram To Cloudinary
typescript cloudinary

A tool to help navigate stormy waters and get back to calm seas.

Emotional Recipes
react typescript chakra ui next.js cloudinary

Annual celebration of great food weeks in Portland, Oregon.

PDX Food Weeks
react typescript panda css next.js

Kombucha reviews and ratings web app using SvelteKit and Panda CSS.

typescript svelte panda css cloudinary