I am Joel M Turner

My main professional role is Product Engineer (Frontend) at Sprinklr where I help support the visualization products. Through this avenue, I have been able to contribute to some great projects such as the World Health Organization Covid-19 Dashboard, the Covid HQ Africa Dashboard, and Sprinklr.com.

How I Got Here

I was born in Laramie, Wyoming. I received my BA with a graphic design emphasis in December of 2005. Most of my free time in college was spent playing in the Symphony Orchestra and playing basketball. I dabble in hand lettering and illustration, which I share mainly on Instagram and have the "best of", in my opinion, on my illustration page.

I spent many of my summers living on glaciers in Alaska. Living in a remote camp with a bunch of other interesting people was great; you never know where the conversations will go and what kind of friends you'll make. While I was on the glacier I would read PHP books and write code on a piece of paper which I would then enter on my computer when I had a day off in town. Between this and cramming as much CSS as I could, I was able to cobble together some experience in building sites.

After a few years of performing design, design systems, and development roles for a superfood company I was encouraged by my friend Nathan to apply for an internship with his team at Sprinklr. From then on, I have been coding away on TypeScript, React, MobX, and Gatsby projects.


I now live with my wife, Suzanne Turner, our two children, and our two dogs in Portland, Oregon.

Feel free to connect with me on Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn